Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pond Build Update

Some updates on this thread. Last weekend after dry stacking the walls halfway up I started back filling the cells with cement. I continued working that morning thinking the rain would let up, after living in Washington for 32 years of my life I should have known better. Later on in the day it did clear up and with my brothers help we were able to finish filling all the blocks. A few days after the cement had cured a bit and I was able to start adding blocks again. Next came digging a hole in the filter pit to sink a 55 gallon plastic drum into for a sump tank to drain my filters and Sieve into. There will be a solids handling sump pump down there to empty the waste water out.

So far my least favorite part of the build has to be cutting the blocks to add the horizontal rebar. Carrying 200 80lb bags of concrete around the house does not even make it to the least favorite jobs list. I would rather just forget about that. Plus there are still 100 bags in my driveway that need to be moved. Back to the block cutting job 6 cuts in every brick time’s 53 bricks per course is a lot of cuts to make even with a nice diamond blade. Now I know why the sell bond beam blocks in the store. This job is loud, dusty and requires a lot of climbing around on the blocks to get the saw into position all this without falling on to the rebar sticking out of the blocks. I did all this cutting while my supervisor sits in the window and eats snacks.

Once the cement cutting is done I have to chisel out between the cuts in the blocks, bend and lay in the rebar and tie all the horizontal and vertical stick together. I’m only doing this to every other course of block so it’s not too bad just time consuming. My wife came down in the pond to help glue in a couple of the 2” flange connectors for the water returns. She has to have the video monitor on her waist incase our daughter/ supervisor wakes up from her nap.

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